SFC Farmers' Market - Sunset Valley

Open Year-Round, Rain or Shine
3200 Jones Road at the Toney Burger Center
Saturdays 9am - 1pm

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Plenty (17 acres!) of free parking

This market did not move; it has been under new SFC management since March, 2010.


The market is at Toney Burger Center, in Sunset Valley. Search for 3200 Jones Road on a mapping / GIS software, and look for the grassy triangle and North Pillow Road to where it dead ends to Hwy. 290 / 71 East to locate the area for the market.
Easy access to 17 acres of parking! Customers and vendors can still use the AISD Toney Burger Parking lot just as they have for years.

The market tents and activities are now located in the park and Pillow Road, so parking is just 200 feet moved to the east.

Easiest access is to go eastbound on the Hwy 290 /71 access road, just east of Brodie Lane and before Westgate. There is an entrance into the Toney Burger Center’s parking and then the market. Watch for signs!

If you want to take a neighborhood route, then turn right on Ernest Robles Way just after Kohl's and before the AISD Transportation Facility (you'll see busses). Turn left on Jones Road and then turn left on Pillow Road. From Westgate, turn west on Jones Road and then right on Pillow Road.


The imagination playground will continue to entertain children, ages 2-10 There is now a weekly imagination playground at the west side of the market, thanks to Jay Hargrave Architecture and Furry Feet Furniture. This child-centered shaded area was installed so that kids 2-10 years old can enjoy 'making' their own playground. The parents can watch and join in with a cafe set aside just for them.

This market has a Double Dollar Incentive Program/Doble Dolares Programa. As of January, 2013 we are expanding the Double Dollar Incentive Program to match up to $20 in purchases. Come purchase $20 in fruits and vegetables with your SNAP – Lone Star Card, or your WIC FMNP (Farmers Market Nutrition Program - when available) vouchers, and the Market Information booth coordinator will give you $20 DDIP / Doble Dolares money to spend on more fruits and vegetables. We will match your fruit and vegetable purchases every week!

The SFC Farmers’ Market is the largest certified growers-only farmers’ market in the state (over 110 farmers and other vendors; four main markets established in 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2012).

The SFC Farmers’ Market is not only certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, but also by the more rigorous Texas Certified Farmers Market Corporation, a statewide professional agricultural trade organization that requires farmers’ markets to have 51% or more farmers at their markets. It is a project of Sustainable Food Center, a local non-profit 501 (c)(3) health and human services organization.

Are you a musician and you want to play for us? Please click on the link here and answer a simple little questionnaire.

Sunset Valley Artisan Market

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